March 5, 2011

I am a hypocrite, indeed. I tell others to resist the urge to swear in front of children, to eat healthy and to always stand up for those in need. Yet I find myself chowing down on some Kraft Dinner Mac N’ Cheese while screaming “fuck, fuck, fuck” at the tanking on American Idol instead of defending their right to expressionism. Did I mention I remind others of the ridiculousness of reality shows?

Perhaps if I had the ability to follow through on resolutions I would ‘lent’ my hypocritical ways and be one with the society in which I despise to the core.

Step #1? – Stop watching American Idol when you know Bill Mahr is on the stupid box cracking the ribs of humanity through honesty and laughter.


Transit Centres

March 5, 2011

Im amused by the concept of a transit centre map. I’m staring at my bf’s copy of a transit centre the size of an s.u.v. he left at home and I can’t help but laugh. Is it really that confusing?